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Global Social Business Summit

The GSBS is the worldwide leading forum for social Business. It serves to spread awareness about social business, foster discussion and collaboration between practitioners and stakeholders, as well as present and conceive best practices.

The annual event is organizes by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and his Creative Advisor Hans Reitz, and gathers experts from the private sector, civil society, governments and academia over a few days of meeting, forums, and workshops.

The Grameen Creative Lab

The Grameen Creative Lab was officially founded in January 2009. In February 2008, Hans Reitz undertook his first trip to Bangladesh to visit Prof. Muhammad Yunus and learn about Grameen and the idea of Social Business. During 2008, Prof. Yunus and Hans Reitz deepened their relationship and agreed on a close collaboration.

Hans Reitz became Prof. Yunus’ creative advisor and friend. In January 2009, this relationship was formalized –The Grameen Creative Lab was founded as Joint Venture between the Yunus Centre in Bangladesh and circresponsibility, a CR consulting company based in Wiesbaden, Germany. Their shared vision has been to fight poverty by accelerating Social Business.

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