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GSBS 2018 - Speaker

GSBS 2018 Speakers

  • Prof. Muhammad Yunus

    Prof. Muhammad Yunus

    Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

  • Hans Reitz

    Hans Reitz

    CEO The Grameen Creative Lab, Head of GSBS

  • Lamiya Morshed

    Lamiya Morshed

    Executive Director Yunus Centre, Executive Director Grameen Healthcare Trust

  • Monica Yunus

    Monica Yunus

    Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Sing for Hope

  • Camille Zamora

    Camille Zamora

    Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Sing for Hope

  • Jean Bernou

    Jean Bernou

    President and Founder of Jean Bernou Consulting

  • Ruben Vardanyan

    Ruben Vardanyan

    Impact Investor and Social Entrepreneur

  • Andreas Heinecke

    Social Entrepreneur and creator of the Dialogue in the Dark

  • Richard St-Pierre

    Social Business ambassador and CEO of C2

  • Torsten Schreiber

    Founder of Africa GreenTec

  • Anita Nowak

    Social Impact Coach

  • Karen Hitschke

    Investment Executive of Yunus Social Business

  • Kerstin Humberg

    Founder of Yunel and Expert in Positive Business

  • Ron Garan

    NASA Austronaut


  • Her Royal Highness The Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
  • Anne Hidalgo Mayor of Paris
  • Antoinette Guhl Deputy Mayor of Paris
  • Monique Villa CEO Thomson Reuters Foundation
  • Richard St-Pierre President C2 Montréal
  • Peter Schwarzenbauer Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG
  • Vincent Hejduk Founder Waynak – Where are you?
  • David Hertz Founder Gastromotiva
  • Joel Bouzou Official Representative of the IOC
  • Jean Laurent Bonnafé CEO BNP Paribas
  • Antoine Sire Head of Company Engagement, BNP Paribas
  • Friedrich Kiesinger Social Business Entrepreneur Berlin
  • Ana María Alvarez Monge CEO and Chairwoman Migration HUB Network
  • Etienne Thobois CEO Paris 2024
  • Marie Barsacq Impact & Legacy Director Paris 2024
  • Anne Bunde Birouste CEO & Founder Football United
  • Thomas Van Schaik CCO at Holland NOC
  • Marc Gruber VP for Innovation at Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
  • Rahul Bose Actor, Activist, Former athlete (rugby indian national team)
  • Luciano Gurgel Country Director YSB Brazil
  • Marie Dahllöf Secretary General at the Swedish Postcode Foundation
  • Andres Trujillo Country Director YSB Colombia
  • Maria Angeles Leon Lopez Open Value Social Fund
  • Sylvain de Ferriere CO CIO Yunus Social Business
  • Dr. Lisa Emelia Svensson Director for Ocean, at the UN Environment
  • Leonhard Nima Co-Founder N3XTCODER
  • Michael Kaysersberg Special Advisor to the GSBS Food Hub
  • Laurence Tubiana CEO European Climate Foundation
  • Nicolas Hazard Founder INCO
  • Maha Keramane BNP Paribas
  • Claudia Belli Jeanteur BNP Paribas
  • Eric Campos Délégué Général, Fondation Grameen Crédit Agricole
  • Alain Levy BNP Paribas
  • Luciana delle Donne CEO of Made in Carcere
  • Ujal Ibrahim MCC, Utha Refugee Education & Training Centre
  • Adrien Gizon Consultant, Association for the Right to Economic Initiative
  • Agnes Atim Apea Founder, Hope Development Initiative
  • Benedicte Faivre-Tavignot Executive Director of the HEC Chair
  • Caio Guimarares Founder and CEO of Beone
  • Christina Jäger Project Lead, The Plastic Lab of The Grameen Creative Lab
  • Dr. Bernhard Bauske The marine conservation department of WWF Germany
  • Elisa Yavchitz Manager, Les Canaux Paris
  • Emeline Stievenart Founder, KIMSO
  • Henning Grambow Partner, Strategist & Producer Design Consultancy AGE5
  • Jean-Marc Guesne Head of Ashoka France
  • Jean-Michel Lecuyer Managing Director, INCO
  • Marie-Genevieve Loys-Carreiras Impact Investment Analyst, BNPP AM (Paris, France)
  • Marine Plossu Co-Founder, SenseSchool
  • Sunil Bhaskaran Vice President, Corporate Services, Tata Steel (India)
  • Thomas Werner WWF Deutschland
  • Verena Liedgens Co-Founder, Agruppa
  • Bruno Dabout Deputy Director General of ATD Fourth World
  • Judith Acquien Co-Founder and CEO of Thot School
  • Esther Gilah Schneider Dutch Postcode Lottery at the Charity Department
  • Eva Sadoun Co-Founder and CEO 1001PACT
  • Heike Vesper Director of WWF Germany’s Marine Program
  • Raphaele Leroy Head CSR & Social Entrepreneurship of BNP Paribas
  • Verena Bahlsen Co-Founder of HERMANN’S
  • Kirti Poonia Head of Okhai Social Business
  • Fanny Donnarel Impact & Legacy Coordinator – Paris 2024
  • Youssef Halaoua Generation 2024 Manager - Paris 2024
  • Michael Badics Senior Director AE Solutions Ars Electronica
  • Laurent Auguste Senior Executive Vice President Innovation and Markets - Veolia
  • Gabo Arora Senior Advisor & Filmmaker United Nations
  • Jacques Berger Director Action Tank Entreprise et Pauvreté
  • Ernesto Blanco Executive Director of User Services Water System of Mexico City
  • Saskia Bruysten Co-Founder / CEO Yunus Social Business
  • Leila Charfi Country Director Yunus Social Business Tunisia
  • Frédéric Dalsace Associate Professor - Marketing HEC Paris
  • Ludovic de Gromard Co-Founder and Managing Director Y Generation Education
  • Fionn Dobbin Co-Founder / Creative Director NotPerfectEducation
  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Fischer Director L3D Center University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Emmanuel Faber CEO Danone Group
  • Olafur Eliasson Artist
  • Sophie Eisenmann Co-Founder / CFO Yunus Social Business
  • Ron J. Garan Jr. Astronaut NASA
  • Thomas Gass Assistant Secretary-General United Nations DESA
  • Nicholas Haan Faculty Chair, Global Grand Challenges Singularity University
  • Prof. Dr. Horst Hahn Institute Director Fraunhofer MEVIS
  • Ashraful Hassan Managing Director Grameen Telecom
  • Dr. Uwe Jean Heuser Head of the Economics Department DIE ZEIT
  • Markus Hipp Executive Director BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt
  • Martin Hirsch Former French High Commissioner
  • Karen Hitschke Director Yunus Social Business
  • Abser Kamal Managing Director Grameen Fisheries and Livestock
  • Burkhard Kieker CEO VisitBerlin
  • Huzzatul Islam Latifee Managing Director Grameen Trust
  • Parveen Mahmud Managing Director Grameen Telecom Trust
  • Lopa Mehrotra Co-CEO Grameen Australia
  • Letizia Moratti Co-Founder San Patrignano Foundation
  • Dr. Moses Kizza Musaazi Director Technology for Tomorrow
  • Felix Oldenburg Europe Leader and Director Germany Ashoka
  • Robert Okodia Founder / CEO ARYODI Bee Farm
  • Dr. Anita Nowak Professor McGill University
  • Daniel Nowack Country Director Yunus Social Business Albania and Kosovo
  • Franz Karl Prüller CEO and Chairman ERSTE Foundation
  • Duncan Power Co-CEO Grameen Australia
  • Dr. Andreas Rickert CEO PHINEO
  • Margriet Schreuders Head of the Charity Department Dutch Charity Lotteries
  • Prof. Dr. Tania Singer Director Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
  • Dr. Faiz Shah Director Yunus Center at AIT
  • Peter Spiegel CEO Genisis Institute for Social Innovation and Impact Strategies
  • Gerfried Stocker Managing Director Ars Electronica
  • Tina Stridde Managing Director Aid By Trade Foundation
  • Enrico Testi Director Yunus Social Business Centre University of Florence
  • Wang Yong Co-Founder and Board Member Grameen China
  • Lázsló Andor EU Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion
  • Claudia Arthur-Flatz External Relations Officer and Private Sector Focal Point UN Office on Drugs and Crime
  • Dr. Ingo Ballschmieter Advisor to the Executive Board Bertelsmann Foundation
  • Dr. Fatima Mohammad al Balooshi Minister for Social Development Kingdom of Bahrain
  • Ehsanul Bari Managing Director Grameen Yukiguni Maitake
  • Dr. Gerald Bast Rector University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Corinne Bazina Managing Director Grameen Danone Foods
  • Heinz Becker Member of the European Parliament
  • Nurjahan Begum Managing Director Grameen Shikkha
  • Jean Bernou CEO McCain Continental Europe
  • Binod Chaudhary Chairman Chaudhary Group
  • Dr. Joon Choi Vice President Social Enterprise Team SK Supex Council
  • Monique Coleman US actress and UN Youth Ambassador
  • Veronica Colondam CEO YCAB Foundation
  • Antonio da Conceicao Minister of Commerce, Industry and Environment Republic of Timor-Leste
  • Alex Counts CEO Grameen Foundation
  • Nurfarini Daing CEO Youth Trust Foundation myHarapan
  • Dominique Dauster Managing Director Perfect Day Coffee
  • John Davies Vice President Intel Corporation
  • Saori Dubourg President Asia Pacific BASF SE
  • Philippe Douste-Blazy Chair of UNITAID
  • Christopher Eldrige Expert in-residence on Behavioural Influence at Asian Institute of Technology
  • Lutfi Fadil Lokman Founder Hospitals Beyond Boundaries
  • Werner Faymann Chancellor of Austria
  • Alex Finlayson Social Business Consultant British Council
  • Jeffery George Global Head of Sandoz
  • Ashran Ghazi Chairman of the Board of Trustees myHarapan Youth Trust Foundation
  • Navroze Godrej Board of Directors Godrej Group
  • Anshu Gupta Founder Goonj, Schwab Social Entrepreneur 2013
  • Herbert Hainer CEO adidas AG
  • Felix Hallwachs CEO Little Sun
  • Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht former Chairman of BASF SE
  • Jürgen Hammer Chief Investment Officer Grameen Credit Agricole
  • Dr. Michael Häupl Mayor of Vienna
  • Ellynita Hazlina Lamin Executive Director Social Enterprise Alliance Malaysia
  • Prof. Andreas Heinecke Founder Dialogue in the Dark
  • Hendrik Heuermann HR Department H&M Germany
  • Nazmul Hossain Assistant Professor University of Dhaka
  • Dr. Kerstin Humberg Engagement Management Mc Kinsey
  • Rudolf Hundstorfer Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection Austria
  • Kazi Huque CEO Grameen Intel
  • Datuk Zabidah Ismail Managing Director Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia
  • Dr. Shariha Khalid Executive Director Scope Group
  • Dr. Huzaifa Khorakiwala CEO Wockhardt Foundation
  • Niclas Kjellström-Matseke CEO Swedish Postcodeloterry
  • Simon Kleine Vice President Corporate Communications Western Union
  • Krish Krishnan Founder Director and CEO Green Ventures
  • Hubertus Külps Head of Global Communications SAP
  • Eric Lesueur Projects Manager Veolia Water
  • Martin Löffler Director California Institute for Social Business
  • Emmanuel Marchant General Manager danone.communities
  • Showkat Masum Director & Head of Operations and Technology Grameenphon
  • Lamiya Morshed Executive Director Yunus Centre
  • Olivier Maurel Social Innovation danone.communities
  • Golam Mostofa Ansari Assistant General Manager Grameen Communications
  • Cristobal Munoz Governor of Caldas
  • Prof. Masaharu Okada Executive Director GCL@Kyushu University
  • Rogerio Oliveira Country Director Yunus Social Business Brazil
  • Jean-Luc Perron CEO Grameen Credit Agricole
  • Erin Pham Steinhauer Head of Corporate Responsibility Asia Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa Visa Inc.
  • Brune Poirson Head of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibilty Veolia Water India
  • Zoran Puljic Direktor Mozaik Social Enterprise
  • Jannat Quanine General Manager Grameen Bank
  • Najib Razak Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Marie Ringler Country Director Austria and Central- and Eastern Europe Ashoka
  • Kate Robertson Group Chairman Havas Europe
  • Robson Rocha Vice President Banco do Brasil
  • Patrick Rousseau Chairman and Managing Director Veolia Water India
  • Faiz Shah Director Yunus Center@Asian Institute of Technology
  • M. Shahjahan Debuty Managing Director Grameen Bank
  • Lutfey Siddiqi Managing Director, Co-Head Foreign Exchange Asia-Pacific UBS Investment Bank
  • Jack Sim Founder World Toilet Organization
  • HM Queen Sofia of Spain
  • Thomas Stelzer Assistant Secretary-General United Nations
  • Imamus Sultan Managing Director Grameen Kalyan, Grameen Health Care Services
  • Nazneen Sultana Managing Director Grameen Communications
  • Pete Teo Singer, Songwriter and Film Producer
  • Dr. Mathias Terheggen Senior Advisor Philanthropy & Values-Based Investing UBS AG
  • Dr. Hamadoun Touré Secretary-General of ITU and Co-Chair of UN Broadband Commission
  • Christian Vanizette Founder MakeSense
  • Ulrich Villis Global Co-Leader Social Impact Practice The Boston Consulting Group
  • Otto Ferdinand Wachs CEO Autostadt
  • Alan Webber Co-founder of Fast Company magazine
  • Aarti Wig Country Director Yunus Social Business India
  • Carol Wong CEO Genovasi
  • Prof. Hiroto Yasuura Vice Executive President Kyushu University
  • Dho Young-shim Member UN MDG Advocacy Group